About Us



Our Strengths

The special strengths of our manufacture ist the short-term development of products based on the ideas and requests of our customers. These products we can supply flexibly, reliably and also in small quantities at short notice.

High-quality food-stuffs and the manual sorting out of products not meeting our quality standards at the end of the production process guarantee an excellent end product.

We mainly use high-quality organic and demeter food-stuffs but can also produce the same products based on conventional high-quality food-stuffs. We don't use taste enhancer, preservatives or artificial food colouring. Colouring with spinach, tomato juice or curcuma is possible on request.

The essential characteristics of our production program are versatile usability, originality of the high-quality products, exceptional stability and easy handling. Nearly all products are pre-cooked and can be supplied in frozen form. Served, our products look home-made.

Thereby product requirements of the large consumer segment, the high catering trade and last but not least of the private consumer are met. Tailor-made solutions for the pre-prepared food industry are part of our production program.