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How it began

The Espenhof manufacture was founded in 1990 at the border between Swabia and Bavaria. Its coming into existence rather happened by chance.

During a historical city jubilee the traditional regional specialties of chef Franz Kohler met with such approval that the then hotelier and his wife Sigrid changed their hotel for a production business after a short preparation period without a moment's hesitation.

The young business benefited greatly from the experiences of the practical Franz Kohler. He had exact ideas about the quality standards and product features that nowadays are necessary for efficient kitchen management while maintaining the unique character of the indiviual cuisine. Consequently Franz Kohler decided on the production of a frozen food range.

The Wontorra family took over the company by a succession arrangement on April 1, 2009. Managing director and partner Michael Wontorra will continue to run the company according to its present principles. The long-standing employees ensure the continuation of the presently highest standard of product and service quality.